Sunday, April 27, 2008

One for the Book - Blinding Flash of the Obvious

This is a category of post I know well and get my self in trouble with occasionally, mostly with my lovely wife. Let's call it the think before we speak category.

Please understand we all have moments when we think things then because of the faces of people around us we can instantly tell that, oops, I must have used my out loud voice to express the thought. That happens to the best of us.

Over the past couple of days I have heard a question over and over again so there must be some disconnect between the visual, the thinking, and the speaking parts of our brains that is degrading. Maybe it is due to the lack of social interaction some people have due to an abundance of television. It could just be a function of I'm going to ask just to see if the answer I hear matches the visual I see. Not sure, I may have stumbled onto my thesis for my PhD. in the land of the non-academic.

I will provide you the visual just as a test. Since I know only the cultured, well informed, smartest, and most articulate read this blog. It is only an example of the test that was given to others.

Okay, what question came to mind? Did you say it out loud?

Since I know you all passed the test with flying colors there is no need to explain the reams of data and surveys that we had to accumulate for this unscientific poll, that was not statistically significant. It wasn't even valid.

Here is the question I was receiving from others in the neighborhood and people coming into the area for the city wide yard sale. With the above sign pounded into the yard, complete with a flyer explaining the asking price, attributes of the home, and a phone number to call for information on both the sign and the flyer, the following was still asked, " Are you selling your house?"

In my head answer:
(Being the good smart a$$ that I am;) Nope, this was just a test of the neighborhood communication system. Had this been an actual attempt to sell, the Goodyear blimp would have been flying over head, I would have rented search lights to crisscross in the sky, and a marching band would have been parading by every 15 minutes. I'm begging you to give me a price below what I am asking so I can feel really good about the decision to sell.

Outside voice answered:
Yes we are. Are you interested or do you know someone that is in the market for a wonderful house with fine neighbors?

I think there is going to be a new telethon established for the think before you speak campaign. If you have ideas on who the spokesperson should be for the national ad campaign or come up with the cool acronym that could be used let me know.

For now, please start saving your pennies for the people you may know who ask questions just to hear the answer! Also, if you know anyone with the number to the Goodyear blimp people...would you share?


MamaGeek said...

Oh I get this. Although my inner voice and my outer voice NEVER communicate! Very clever post!

Bethanie said...

LOL! Funny post! (Even though I almost spit my coffee out my nose... I should not drink and read at the same time...)