Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Proof that No Good News Comes in Calls after Midnight

On Friday, April 11 at 12:35 A.m. I received the phone call that no one wants to get any time. My father had been injured in a fall and was in the hospital.

When my brother called I could tell by the tone of his voice this was not a false alarm, a nightmare, or something simple. This was THE call.

My answer to every crisis is to get up and get a shower! I'm not sure what it is, maybe I just feel better facing danger, going into the great unknown, or putting my head in the lion's mouth freshly scrubbed. If I'm going to be eaten I may as well be clean.

Within minutes I was in the shower, bags were being packed, and my lieber was on the computer looking at travel options. Within a thirty minute period I was up, showered, dressed, packed, and had travel arrangements in hand.

The next 18 to 20 hours were clocked in a very strange, surreal, way. I was aware that time was going by, but, at times it seemed to be seconds, and other times it was like days. Not sure I can explain it.

This was The big call. There is no coming back from this one. We almost lost him five years ago to a heart virus. Every day after was considered extra time. Cancer surgery last year was tough but he made it with my Mom's help. This was after all "just a fall."

As I traveled into the airport I was thinking about the destination. As I landed at my destination I thought about my Mom. As I used the public transportation to get closer to the hospital I thought about my siblings. As I met my brother I could tell that this was not going to be a close call. This was The call.

Me and my seven siblings, spouses, extended family, and other relatives were at his bedside when he passed on. After 46 years of marriage, 32 years of Military service, 44years of parenting, and 70 plus years on Earth he was heading home.

My thanks to all who sent emails, letters, cards, donations, flowers, prayers, and thoughts. This was a blessing that he didn't suffer and it was quick. It doesn't make it any easier for those left here wanting just one more day, another email, a chance to poke fun, a hug or a shake of a hand. But each day will get better. Please continue to keep my Mom and siblings in your thoughts and prayers.


Rhonda said...

You are all in our prayers.

Very nice post in honor of your dad and the love that is clear in your family.

Bradley's Mom said...


I can truly identify with this post, as I have gone through it with my own parents and also with inlaw parents.

It's a very tough loss, and the loving memories of your dad will help you to cope, and keep on going. Your mom will need your support too, and being there for each other is so important.

Our thoughts and prayers are definitely with you.


The Egel Nest said...

I am so sorry for your loss.

Our condolences from the Egel Nest!

Glad you are my blogger friend :)

The Egel Nest

i beati said...

lovely tribute - never quite long enough-plan special things for your Mom she'll need it

Bethanie said...

New to your blog, but sorry to read this. :(

Had a close call with my dad a few years ago, and I hear ya on the value of that 'extra time'.