Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Jet Formerly known As Chad Pennington

I am thrilled the soap opera called Favre is finally over. There was enough whine in that process to supply all of the National Football League fans with beverages for oh, ten years. He is a good football player. But, man alive, the baggage that has been carried around on that ego. Unbelievable!!

Imagine what will happen in New York when the Madden Curse raises its ugly head. Oh what will the Jets do then?
Can you imagine Chad Pennington gets the boot. Then it appears he will have the chance to go to Miami? I believe he is getting the better part of the deal.

So pre-season football. Even thought it is not good football it is still football. I'm really glad we are actually getting to watch the sport without all the drama.

I am really ready for some football.

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