Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the Games Begin....

I mean football games. It is finally football season. Real college football. I have had to wait since January to see a real college football game. And some Real games were played this past weekend.

My compliments to Coach Saban, John Parker Wilson, and the rest of the Crimson Tide who didn't read the Clemson press clippings. That was quite a game. Clemson didn't realize that the Tuscaloosa Team isn't a real big fan of orange, except during hunting season.

This should be an exciting season in the SEC. (The toughest football conference in America) As of this writing it appears that only one team didn't beat the opponent from outside of the conference.

My appreciation to the Chick-fil-a company for sponsoring the Kick Off Classic. We had the chance to have some sweet tea, and chicken with our Tiger.

Looking forward to more games. Let the games commence!


A Free Man said...

hat was a great win by the Tide. And you're right - clears up, again, where the real football is getting played!

Anonymous said...


MiMi and PaPa