Saturday, August 2, 2008


Hey all. Hope all is well where ever this finds you.

We are just settling down from the travels of the summer, trips to camp, vacation time, and the regular summer activities.

K just completed three days of volleyball camp. She really enjoyed the experience. Her height and hand speed have been commented on by the volleyball coach and the basketball coach for the 8th grade at school. Try outs are the first two days of school. She has been walking, running, and riding her bike with a friend to be ready for the experience. There was a birthday party from 8 to 11 last night and a friend of hers spent the night upon return from the party. There were boys and girls at the party. From early reports it was like an eighth grade school dance. Boys on one side of the room and girls on the other. Thank goodness it remained that way throughout the event. K will be baby-sitting for friends this evening. She has also started watering plants, and odd jobs for income. (Dad needs new shoes!, just kidding!)

Dabba is getting ready for the big 5 birthday. As we occasionally talk about the approaching date, who she would like to have in attendance, the selection of potential gifts, what she will wear, and the location of the event, all serious topics, she is preparing. August 19th will soon be upon us. As she reminded me last night she only has 18 more days. She has accomplished the feat of jumping from the diving board at the community pool. She is usually the smallest person for sure one of the youngest people in line for the boards. It is great to see.

H is having a blast this summer. He is getting to hang out with some guys in the neighborhood. There has been lots of basketball, Wii, playing outside, riding bikes. The last couple of 100 degree days has kept him inside. But trips to the pool have been a big hit. H found out last week he will have Ms Anderson for his 3rd teacher. This was the same person that Rebecca had her first year here. Both Ms Anderson and H are excited.

Rebecca has returned from camp. She was gone for four days with her buddy Maria and Kennedy. They had a good time. Becca has done the have friends over to spend the night and gone to a couple of those events. She loves the pool and hanging out. She is continuing to read lots of books. She has also rediscovered the ZOO Tycoon game on the computer. A simulation of building your zoo infrastructure, staffing, maintenance, construction, and people management. The Becca, will be running big things based on how well she does with the game. She has also been known to consult with siblings on their zoos. Becca has a friends birthday party tonight and some baby-sitting work in the next few days. Book early with this one. The aspiring baker made a great batch of banana bread on Thursday. Three loaves! Man, Duncan Hines better watch out.

Jen whipped up an Italian dish for dinner last night with a recipe of her Aunt Polly and her assistant Abigale. Jen's blog has the pictures and the recipe.( It was really good. Dabba really liked the pasta, garlic. Once she was able to put "parzoon", parmesan, cheese on! Jen has been getting kids ready for school, taking the crew to the pool, events, doctor's appointments, running the house and putting up with me. That keeps one busy, huh?

We had a great trip to the Northeast for vacation and my dad's funeral at Arlington. It was wonderful to get to spend time with olde and new friends and family. The travel was lots of fun and provided some great experiences. We relaxed with family in Vermont and New Hampshire, spend the night with some Internet friends in Connecticut, and then had great time with family at dad burial. We were thrilled by Nick and Katie's news about the next newest member of the Wilson crew. We had a great time with the Kuhn's playing, swimming, eating, and just hanging out.

Talked with Jan Orrison the other day for an update. She is doing well in Alabama. She keeps promising that she will come out to the Midwest to visit. It would be wonderful to see her.

Marc Woodward, a great friend of mine made the trip from Atlanta to Washington for dad's funeral. Except for an event with some milk, the whole trip went like clockwork. He was able to fly into Reagan National walk out the door and right up to the car. We then dropped him off later that evening at the front door of the airport so he could fly home. It was really nice that Marc came all that way.

Anyway, hope all are doing well. If you get to the Midwest please plan to come see us.


Nap Warden said...

Sounds like you have had a busy summer!

Thanks for the comments about the bad "friend" I hadn't looked at it from that perspective:)

A Free Man said...

A busy summer indeed, you're probably looking forward to the "relaxation" of the school year!

Bradley's Mom said...

So glad you are having such a nice summer.

Just stopping by to say Hi!