Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All

I hope this finds all of you having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. As you travel or gather with family or just veg on this day try to remember the reason for the day in the first place.

Take time and pause. Give Thanks.

This is not just the day before big shopping eve. The day for the paper with the coupons, Internet specials, and football games. The day has a special meaning.

As my in-laws have called this day the fastest five minutes in food. This takes place from the minute people sit down at the table until they stand to leave. Give thanks and appreciation for all of the work that went into preparing what ever the tradition is that you celebrate on this day.

On this day I will give thanks for my wonderful family, my Mom, my siblings, my friends, and loved ones. I will take time to say a prayer for those unable to be home with friends and family and for those who are unable to be at or in their home.

Have a wonderful Thanks - Giving Day.


A Free Man said...

And to you and yours!

Rhonda said...

Hey there... sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving. We hope to see you pass through up here again.