Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Programs Abound

It is time for the holiday programs at school. Yep, the holidays are here so the schools are cranking out the events. We had school parties for Thanksgiving. He have class programs for Christmas. We have had evening singing and visits to Santa. On Saturday there are classmate get togethers and a city parade. On Sunday there is a school sponsored participation in a parade. Its all good and fun. Just a lot going on.

I really enjoy getting to see my kids as they experience the parties, goodies, and crafts. The parades are some of my favorite.

Wednesday evening Dabba had her school program. She marched out on stage with her antlers and red nose while wearing a dress. In front of the throng of parents going crazy with with cameras, videos and shoe phones, making like preschool paparazzi. She was fearless..well kind of. After scanning the crowd and waves to her siblings she was ready to perform.

Fifth little one from the left

We heard jingle bells and a couple of other holiday tunes. Then a bow. Then we all lined up to talk with jolly olde Saint Nick.

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