Thursday, January 8, 2009

SEC Football - Florida wins the National Championship

Congratulations to the University of Florida! The Champions of the Southeastern Conference are now the BCS National Champion.

In Miami, Florida, the Gators took a bite out of the Oklahoma Sooners in the FedEx Bowl Championship Series Game. With a final score of 24 to 14 the Gators under the leadership of Tim "Superman" Tebow won on Thursday evening.

The Florida defense was able to rattle the Heisman Trophy winner and the high scoring Oklahoma Sooner offense. It appears that the Air and Ground game of the of the Gators were able to come out on top.

The defense, a trademark of the Southeastern Conference, was able to keep the Sooners out of the end zone on fourth and inches and with an interception just before the first half. In the second half #35, Ahmad Black, was able to intercept Sam Bradford when #9, Juaquin Ignacious didn't tuck in a catch ending the last serious Oklahoma drive of the game.

Urban Meyer, the Coach of the Gators won his second National Championship with Florida. This is the third National Championship for the University of Florida.

The defensive player of the game was Carlos Dunlop. The offensive player of the game was Tim Tebow with 231 yards passing, 108 yards rushing, and 2 touchdowns. Pictured above, Percy Harvin, was a key offensive threat in the game.
It does appear that the "fourth" best quarterback in the Big 12 was able to win the National Championship.

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A Free Man said...

I'm refusing to recognize Florida as national champion for two reasons:

1. I hate them.
2. They should have to beat undefeated Utah to be declared national champion and that's not going to happen, so no champ this year!