Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spending time with my youngest lady

My youngest and I had some good quality time together this week. We attended events together, went to football games, a bonfire at a friend’s house, did bedtime reading, just hung out and traveled together. It was very special to see and hear life from the perspective of a six year old. Don't get me wrong, chronologically she is only six. She is beginning to outpace me in the maturity area due to the influences of her older siblings and her Mom. She is lots of fun and has a heart the size of the state of Texas. The time together will be the subject of a three post series.

Little Brother/Little Sister

Sweet thing did ask this week if she could be a big sister. This caused her Mom and me to give each other a couple of looks. It appears that Dabba has heard from friends at school about how you become a big brother or big sister! WOW! (This is the five alarm fire announcement that puts you on your toes)

My though is oh! I can't wait to see what she has learned after only about four weeks in Kindergarten. And I was wondering what the President was going to say to the kids. At this point I'm thinking his message, whatever it is, was going to be is kind of late!

"So, Mom and Dad, if we put our name on the list we can have a baby brother or sister!" More looks exchanged between the parental units. Relief! And confusion is the first two things after hearing the request. Okay, so science and biology class in Kindergarten haven't advanced that much since I was in over forty years ago, expect for the fire and the electricity thing. (Mimi, we have another entry for the book!) Not sure about the list but this will be an okay discussion.

Smiles now appear on the face of the relieved parents. See, as the six year old explains, there is a family in school that has recently applied for adoption. So, putting your name on a list is how you get a baby brother or sister. And, Dabba, doesn't want to be left out. She also has an Aunt and Uncle that live near Washington DC that are expecting any day now so there have been some baby discussions. Again, relief about the biological understanding thing. Thinking this might be a good time to have a redirect about a pet!

The topics passed after we discussed we might want to be off the list while we focus on her and her other siblings. There are hugs exchanged. I can tell this is not the last time we will have this discussion. Cause being the "baby" in the family isn't much fun if you don't have a little brother or little sister.

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