Friday, September 18, 2009

Thelma and Louise are coming to my house.

There is a big day at the Wilson house tomorrow. The ladies will arrive.
The event is taking place because our wash machine of 13 years gave up the ghost last weekend. In our homestead there is no more important appliance than the mechanical cleaner of clothes. With a family of 6 the thing gets a work out. I couldn't even guess the number of miles the spin cycle had achieved.. A quick back of the envelope estimate.... the thing had to be in the multi million mile club. We did get our moneys worth out of the olde thing.
Like an old football lineman the appliance was pulled from service and unceremoniously benched. Taken from the house to the curb, then picked up by two gentlemen seeing an opportunity to gain value from the sheet metal of the old plan vanilla white machine. It was even raining slightly as the old boy was dragged the last mile. (Dabbing tears from the corner of my eyes)
What is red, has a twin sister, and named for two characters in an ultimate chick flick? The two new home essentials, named Thelma and Louise will take up residence on Friday morning. Yes, we are doing our part to raise the national output of durable goods. Mr. Bernanke, this may not show up in your tan book, but we are doing our part to contribute to the economic recovery.
There is much excitement about the arrival of the ladies. It appears that my wife has felt the repression of Mr. Henry Ford relating to our laundry equipment for a long time. For many years, the manufacturers of said equipment, basically have caused the space in our home to have any color equipment we wanted as long as it was white.
In our almost 18 years of marriage I didn't realize the angst the color of the appliances had caused.. Even my children have felt deprived by not having pigment in the steel. How was a guy to know. So, in choosing, the emancipation has taken place. Free at last, we're free at last, good gracious almighty we are free at last.
Ms Thelma and Ms Louise will be red. (Ms Ann this not a political statement and no one from any group or media outlet participated in this decision. ). This was a critical selection criteria for the new household assistants. I'm still trying to figure out how these vital pieces of equipment have already been accepted by name in the household. I have seen the naming of a living breathing pet take more time and much more deliberation.All are a buzz about the arrival of the ladies.
We have already confirmed that they are spending their last night of restfulness at the local big box retailer. Hope they are rested up because tomorrow, these beautiful ladies, named for outlaws, will begin working their way up the million miler achievement test.


Ann Landsberger said...

Doggoneit!!! I just spray-painted mine BLUE ... I gotta get over my Barnacle crush, don't I? haha! Great post, Walt! May you and the 6 women in your home keep you looking clean and smelling fresh for many years to come (also not a political statement regarding red washers and the rights of the females that use them).

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.