Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bulldog Red Wins 16 to zero

Bulldogs Win. H starts the game as an end.

The Bulldog Red team won this morning sixteen to zero over the visiting Wildcats squad. Number 8 was out there in the offensive end position. He provided some great blocking on the end of the line. It was lots of fun to watch.

Here is the victor supported by his own Cheerleader. It was a wonderful day for some football.

The day started with the application of the bulldog logo to the helmet. An hour before the game. So I stopped and said hello to some good friends. Next thing we are working the concession stand. Then I'm working the grill making burgers and hot dogs. Cooking! Putting burgers and dogs in the bun then wrapping the goodies for sale. We had fun. I was glad to get to the game.

Will keep everyone updated throughout the season.

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A Free Man said...

Glad some Bulldogs are winning.

Congrats to your boy. He looks good in red and black.