Friday, September 25, 2009

Chicken Soup - Saves a Puny Man

Ms. Ann to the rescue. The finest provider of confections in our part of the world. Is also the saver of men!

On Wednesday yours truly was being pounded by a bug. A temp of 103, a sore throat, and general wimpiness. So, being home from work I decide while laying in the bed, and not wanting to go anywhere, to make a connection to the outside world through Facebook and Twitter. Just to update the world on my lack of well being. Okay, a lesson; if you tell it, people will respond.

The responses came literally from all over the country. This wining thing when sick garnered some serious sympathy and provided good cheer to the one hiding behind his woobie. Ms Henry asked if there was anything she could do from over 60 miles away. So putting me out of my misery would take some time. (Not seriously considered, just a figure of speech) A note from Mom Said So in Connecticut hoping it wasn't the flu. A number of well wishers from throughtout the southeast. Then, THE Golden Ticket!

To put you in the frame of mind you have to have seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Either version, old or new. To understand the pleasure and unadulterated joy that Mr. Charlie Bucket must have felt upon finding the last of the tickets that would grant him access to the land of confections that Mr. Wonka makes inside his factory.

Ms Ann, the local maker of perfection confections and other meals of renowned (Annie Cakes) offered.....Holding your breath now; some Chicken Soup to save the wimpy! Mind you, this isn't the stuff from the can. This is the real poultice to ward off what ails you! The message. "Chicken soup is on the way!" Wohoo! I have been granted access to the kitchen of Ms Ann. I began to feel light headed. I didn't know if it was the bug or the emotion of finally getting through the steel doors of Ms Wonka's factory of goodies. Later it was determined to be the excitement of the goodies. I had to start feeling better to have food provided by Ms. Ann.

Too call this magic elixir just Chicken Soup is like telling Hussein Bolt that he is kind of fast. This stuff when it arrived by special certified courier was magical. Real Chicken Soup. Home made with large chucks of poultry, a liquid that made the sickness shoot from my body like Big John Coffee did for Tom Hanks character in the book and movie the Green Mile. This stuff caused some serious recovery.

There were also non sick people in the house that were able to enjoy the magic pourage. It caused general good cheer and happiness throughout the house.

Ms. Ann, you should get a license and a patent on that stuff. Maybe you could feed it to people out there managing our economy. Man alive I just know the recession would be over! Powerful, powerful stuff.

Thanks for coming to my rescue. As always, you are my hero!


The Egel Nest said...

As one of your few Jewish readers (I think)...I can assure you that Chicken Soup is like medicinal marijuana when used properly ;)

Hope you and your family are well Walt :)

Love from the Nest!

The Egel Nest

Rhonda said...

This is too funny. Thank goodness for great chicken soup. Glad to see you are on your way back. Also, even more glad to see that you stayed home and did not share. And see? The walls of capitalism did not cave in while you were out.

A Free Man said...

It's amazing, isn't it? I put out a plea for Dawg gear on my site and I'm now drowning in red and black. Glad to hear that you've survived!

Ann said...

I don't know when I've ever gotten such praise! I am hoping to pull it off twice ... I just delivered a whole crockpot full to your house. Hope it works its magic again!!! Thanks Walt :) You're the best!!!