Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hail to the Victors

Hail to the Victors

Starting the season with a perfect record is a good sign of preparation, coordination, well prepared athletes, and great coaching. The Home field advantage and the support of the fans is a key contribution to the success, as well. That is the story of the CJ Purple Dragons Flag Football Team (ages 5 to 8). Under the leadership of Head Coach, Offensive Genius, Jeremy Bowen and Defensive Specialist, me. The record is 1 and 0. We have a better record than Notre Dame. We have scored more offensive touchdowns than Michigan and Notre Dame, combined. And our defense has scored a flag football safety, according to the refs that was the first they had ever seen. Auburn Coach Tommy Tubberville would like our defense and its appears he may need it. Thursday evening the Purple Dragons took to the field with butterfly's all around. The players provided some memorable moments throughout the game as did the highly compensated coaching staff.

One of the favorite comments came at the start of the game when one of the youngsters after putting on his jersey, putting in his mouthpiece, and having his hair fluffed by his Mom, turned to the coaches and said "now what are we supposed to be doing tonight?" Now there is a future leader of our nation.

There was initial concern the first series of plays for the defensive side of the ball. The other team lined up and put a kid in motion. A kid in motion??.... all seven of my young guns looked at me. Why is he moving before the ball is snapped?... That was not the first question in my mind. The look on my fellow coaches faces showed concern with our level of preparedness and level of complexity of defensive response. Lucky for us the pre-game jitters caused the motion man to run himself out of the play.

The nerves were high especially in the first couple of offensive huddles. The coach took out his well diagrammed series of 4 to 6 plays. Players are assigned positions, the play is called and then the team approaches the line of scrimmage. By the third huddle Coach Bowen had 7 assistant coaches, asking to play a different position, looking to have the ball, not have the ball, players suggesting plays and requests to go to the sideline to see my bus driver. Having been a linemen on offense talking in the huddle was not permitted at any level I played. As a linebacker all eyes were on me for the signal. I could see the look in the eyes of my fellow coach. He must have been mentally reviewing the clauses in his contract to see where he could get a raise.

All kidding aside. The Purple Dragons have stayed true to the rules of the game. Everyone was the quarterback and everyone ran the ball. We can't wait for this coming week. Two games, one Monday and one Thursday. We'll keep you posted. The quest for the crystal football continues.

Ribs and Football

Ribs or Wibs, however, you spell them they are the favorite food of Hayden, "Blitz Monster", Wilson. Number 5 of the Purple Dragons has always been a conusor of the meat on the bone. Well, this weekend Hayden, due to the kindness of a fellow associate, has three racks of Dreamland Bar-B-Que and a full bottle of Dreamland sauce. "There ain't nothing like'm no where."

We will be able to enjoy ribs and football today. The Tide will be playing the team closest to Walton's Mountain in Arkansas. I must say in advance I am concerned about the outcome of the game. If John Parker Wilson, the Bama Quarterback doesn't stop staring down his receivers this could be a tough game. Should John Parker not be successful, he is already appropriately named for a criminal. Have you ever noticed that? Why do all the criminals have three names?

Think of us today. While we are eating ribs and watching Bama. Wish all of you could be here routing for your team.

Good luck to all of the other teams out there. I know the Black Knights of the Hudson are very excited to be coming off of a win. Congratulations! It has been a long time in coming.

Happy Birthday's and Great News

First, happy birthday to my brother John. He celebrated another birthday on the 14th. He also received a new car for his birthday. I would like to remind his most generous spouse that my birthday is on May 16th. Please keep me on your gift list. Also, John recieved great medical news that has been two years in coming. The tumor in his brain has died. All indications appear that his quest for health is over. Thanks for all of the prayers. (Must admit. This is much bigger news than the Purple Dragons.)

Second, Happy Birthday to Charlie Wilson. The Portland, Oregon brother is celebrating a birthday today. My best to Chas who started a new job with Brooks sporting. He has team sales. This may give him an in with the Purple Dragons.

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