Saturday, September 8, 2007

Soggy Saturday

We are experiencing a soggy Saturday here in the Midwest. It has been raining on and off for the past couple of days. Glad to have the rain just a little gun shy on the volume.

Since it is rainy outside today it looks like we will have to stay in and watch football. What a sacrifice. The Alabama versus Vanderbilt game is on. Currently, Bama is winning, it is in the 3rd quarter. So, to my readers the tone of the e-mail could change pending on the outcome of the game.

Katherine and Hayden are awaiting the start of the Auburn game later this evening. We are expecting a very positive day for both teams. Tommy and the boys do need to watch out for South Florida. ESPN is looking for this weeks Michigan. You know the maize and blue hates it when their big flop in football has made their performance a grammatical description of failure. You know Bo Shembeckler and former President Gerald Ford have got to be rolling over in their graves.

Next week Alabama will be playing Arkansas. I'm hoping this year it will be more pleasant on Walton's Mountain. When the Hogs beat both Alabama and Auburn last year it made life in Wally World tough. The office is eat up with Arkansas people. Can I tell you just how annoying the call Pig Soo We is? Let's hope this year is more pleasant.

My career as a flag football coach started last week. Hayden is playing for the CJ Purple Dragons and I am coaching. This is flag football for 5, 6 and 7 year olds. We have had a couple of practices and it should be fun. The kids are great. This weeks dilemma was how can we talk and call signals with the mouth piece in so others can hear and understand each other. Jeremy Bowen, an Operations Manager, with the General Mills plant here is the head coach. He has two sons on the team. The practices have been lots of fun. We have our first game this Thursday. Keep the Purple Dragons in your thoughts.

Hayden will be continuing his pursuit of the Heisman Trophy this season. In the first huddle he asked for the ball. He flew down the field. He returned to the huddle and asked for it again. I still remember the game and the play last year when the young man decided it was okay to run at the other guys and keep going even as they got closer. He did do the, Hi Mom!, thing when he scored his first touchdown. There must be something Mom's do before the game to make that happen.

The siblings are appreciating the youngest member of the crew. Abigale asked her dad to acquire Breyers Bubble Gum Flavored Ice Cream. The initial reactions from the older siblings was that the youngest had obviously misjudged and didn't know what she was getting. The Minister of Plan, Hayden, and the Queen of Chocolate, Katherine, sneered at the initial acquisition. This did not dampen Abigale's excitement. When it was time to enjoy the treat it was the Minister of Plan that was the first to look at the treat and decide to request a small sample. Upon trying the goodie that was being consumed by the youngest a convert was had. Next to get into the sampling group was Rebecca. She was enjoying the good stuff. You could see the stature of the youngest growing. Since the completion of the ice cream feast there have been a number of comments about how cool that was that Abigale picked the Bubble Gum Ice Cream. The Legend continues.

Have to go. Need to get some rest. Tomorrow we start Fantasy Football. Have to go start plotting for the Championship of the league.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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