Saturday, September 22, 2007

Week of Champions

Heeeellllloooooo. Hope all are doing well this week.

First, nods to champions of all kinds. “Fire and Brimstone” has made another appearance after 27 years between contests. With a win last Sunday in a Church Chili Contest in Maryland international acclaim status can be bestowed on “Fire and Brimstone”, my Mom’s chili. First win was in Germany when “Fire and Brimstone” was entered by children on behalf of the busy, multi-tasking, multi-eventing, entrant. Go Mom! Could this chili be coming to store shelves near you?

Reporting from Walton’s Mountain has been a quiet week. I must thank Mr. Saban and the team from Tuscaloosa for downing the Fayetteville Razorbacks. The swine have been remarkably subdued this week after the fourth quarter comeback last Saturday. I have noticed a number of comments about 2008. Only 358 plus days to go! There must be some correlation between before game contact and after game comments! My shout out to a Bama Fan on Walton’s Mountain. Last Monday morning as I walked to work, there, at the front row, in a parking lot equal to the size of the Pentagon, flew a Bama pennant from a car window. The accomplishment is one, getting there that early, to be in the front row. Also, being right next to the crosswalk made the flagless parking lot seem so, well…..flagless.

Thanks to the readers of the weekly note. This has been a great way to get back in touch with family and friends. The stories you share are the slices of life that provide great joy and material. The responses to the stories are beautiful.
This is like the MasterCard commercial.
A few minutes at the computer: $ 10.00
Access to the internet: $20.00
Hearing Kim Gibson describing her husband Rodney’s reaction to the first Auburn turnover - Priceless

Catch’ in up has been fun. On a recent call Marc Woodward, in Atlanta, was feeding his son Nicholas. Marc, for those of you who don’t know him is one of the beautiful people in the world as is his lovely bride Jeanne. As we chatted on the phone he is feeding sweet potatoes to his son. All is well until the youngster begins to place the food items on the floor and in his hair. It’s hard to talk about stuff with sweet potatoes. I hope all is well.

Norte Dame – Latin for Mommy! Isn’t it interesting once the team has hit bottom now they remember the Catholic roots of the school. Also, I bet signing the 10-year television contract with CBS really is coming home to roost. In the old TV days the networks put teams on television that were doing well and left the not so well to mend. Not now! Norte Dame is on every Saturday even when they create a vacuum. Pretty bad when Norte Dame has to do reruns of the movie Rudy to see an offensive touchdown.

I do have to weight in on the Michigan vs. Notre Dame Game. It was an early bowl season. The Loser Bowl. Michigan fans were cheering as they beat Norte Dame. Interesting watching two OH! And two (0-2) teams play...someone had to win.

The Purple Dragons have achieved 1-1 and 1. There were two games this week. In this league we are not suppose to keep wins and losses, but the kids know. The tie game on Monday night was a big save by Mr. Hayden Wilson. As the other team ran a reverse, much to the surprise of the refs and the opposing coaches the whole team was faked out. Hayden put on the speed and caught this kid’s flag. The young man was 10 yards ahead of him and then Hayden was on him. This preserved our tied status and allowed both teams to walk off the field with two touchdowns. It also kept our unbeaten streak alive.

Thursday night was a different story. We ran into a buzz saw, the Flag football version of the Patriots. This team had some really big kids. We also picked up on a few (Belechik) tips that allowed them to seem so focused on finding the open receivers and a defense that seemed to know exactly what we were running. Not that our five page play book is all that difficult to figure out. We have always allowed our kids to pick who they are throwing to. We also just line up the defense and let them play. This team, within the rules, since that book was only two typed pages, tells the kids who to go after on defense or where to throw on offense. We showed them. They scored more running touchdowns with their two adult kids but we completed two passes in the game and came up with 8 knockdowns, a face smash, and two interceptions. The face smash was when our guys either try to catch the ball or knock it to the ground, however, on this type of play the ball crashes into the face of one of our players and causes sorrow and tears. (This causes two plays of checking on the player in the huddle.) We have one game this week and one practice. Keep us in your thoughts.

Have a wonderful week.

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