Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Update - September 29, 2007

Watch out Public – Here it comes. The official opening of Busy Dad Mumbles. This is my blog. An electronic place to collect my past mumbles and share thoughts on whatever I would like. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

My lovely bride came to me today and said, isn’t this a perfect Saturday? I’m thinking, there is lots of really good football, we are going to grill out tonight, and the kids were quiet, yep! So the answer that escapes from my mouth is “yea, pretty perfect.” However, I instantly knew the answer was not on target. The pause between my answer and next comment from the inquisitor was a dead give-away. Secretly, in my head, I am thinking what did I miss? Then I get to hear the answer I should have given. “Today, the mail delivered the weekly People Magazine and the 2008 IKEA catalogue.” Oh!, Yea that is exactly what I was going to say next! (I have to admit IKEA has some pretty cool stuff.)

The Purple Dragons Update. This week only one game to report on for the Purple Machine. Lots of cool things took place. We threw multiple passes this week. In our league the rules indicate you have to throw on certain parts of the field or when you are ahead of the opposing team by a two touchdown lead. We were none of those at the time the aerial attack took place. The other team was very surprised at the successive throws and completions. This increased the number of requests in the huddle to play quarterback or to be a receiver. By the way, this week we had a substitute offensive coordinator, me. Due to business Coach Bowen was traveling. Coach Vernon our regular sideline coach stepped in to help. The game was also unique because we played iron man football and coaching. Only seven of our young warriors were available for the game and two coaches, no substitutes. Our stated goal is that every member of the team will score an offensive touchdown and pull a flag on defense. Well, we have achieved the later. In a David versus Goliath moment the littlest member of our team found himself in the path of an on coming train, that is how it must have looked to him and his mom hollering on the sidelines. The ground between the two was being closed quickly. Our little guy wasn’t moving at first. Then a step, then another and just as there was about to be a collision a small hand shoots out and little man goes flying through the air. Not the he dove, this is illegal, the wind from the passing truck blew him off his feet. Then a whistle and the arm shoots up in the air and two looks of surprise. Our little guy, David, that he has a flag, and the train, Goliath, that he has been stopped by the little man. The whole place goes crazy, the parent of little man, the other 6 members of the Purple Dragons, two coaches, and the high school age referee. Little man acquired two other flags this game. Now to work for the touchdowns goal

There have been some strange cell phone calls this week from some guy named Charlie. He wants a copy of the Purple Dragon offensive playbook.
He said his name is Charlie Weiss. He has a New England accent, with a hint of Irish. It has to be a prank call.

Bama News. Congratulations to the Georgia Bulldog fans. Going into Tuscaloosa and laying some lumber to the Tide. Things do look much better than last year. Alabama seems to believe they can win. We are thrilled to have Coach Saban, for now. You know us Crimson fans have high expectations. We would love to put a beating on Grandpa Bowden this weekend.

The Ducks are playing the Cal Bears this afternoon. The Quack Attack has slayed the Cougars, Bulldogs, a color (The Cardinal), and the Wolverines of Michigan. Can they make a Bearskin rug? We are hoping the Quackers keep focused. It has been a tough week for the ranked teams. Ask the Mountaineers and OH! Who? (Oklahoma University). This time Oh! Who? Can’t blame the refs for ending the pursuit of the crystal trophy. Last year a Duck this year a Buffalo stampede. Udder destruction is taking place on television….Kansas State is handing it to the Milk Cows in Austin. There are so many OU and UT fans I must schedule meeting with this coming week. (I can’t contain myself)

Cultural Events begin! (Please read with a British Accent.) The National Hockey League season has started in England? I didn’t say New England but the Old, King George, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla Parker Bowles, England. At O2 Arena, in London, England to be exact. The first face off of the season took place in a real foreign country, not like Canada. To get to this game you had to cross an ocean. The first “puck off” was in jolly olde England. You know that culture has finally arrived in Europe when the National Hockey League comes to town. On! On!

Males Unite. There is one of our own that is being culled out from the herd for doing what he was asked to do. You know, the Male Compliance Brain, doing what was asked of you, not what was meant of you. This guy, trying to complete his assigned task didn’t know there were options, especially, the unspoken, no instructions manual, didn’t get the estrogen based magazine article, or secret the decoder ring message. And the symbol of this oppression! Our own Liberty Bell. Support (Peter)! This is a great story on the Blog of Rhonda. Father, trying to help…. Isn’t this how most of our stories of woe being?

Everyone have a great weekend. More mumbles to come.


Rhonda said...

Ahhh, thank you for visiting my blog. My poor husband... he finally has a perfect day to do all kinds of great things and then, of course, the games on TV... the GREAT football.

If you haven't figured it by now, you may have guessed he is a BIG BYU fan. Big, BIGGGGGG. I like to tease him a lot, of which he just doesn't appreciate!

We will link your blog into the blog roll!

P.s., do you speak German?

Peter said...

We men need to stick together. Thanks for sticking up for me!

Jenmomof4 said...

Congrats on your blog!! Have fun writing!