Saturday, September 1, 2007

Happy Labor Day

The weekend has finally arrived. The holiday actually began on Thursday evening. FOOTBALL is BACK. For all of us who have been trying to cope since the last College Football game was played in January this weekend is all about getting our game on.

Congratulations to the LSU fans in the crowd. My best to the MSU fans. You both are okay people. A beat down is a beat down but it was a family, SEC, thing. The quest for the crystal football at the end of the year has begun.

Being out here on the edge of football civilization has been tough the past two years. People here in Missouri are actually excited that Missouri could win 7 games this year. These are great people in the mid west, but let's get with it. Your coach gets fired for 7 wins in the real conference. Coaches here get a new tractor...

Let's get ready for some football!!!!!!
Can you tell that I am excited.

Auburn does play Arkansas in Fayetteville about 90 minutes away. We, the Missouri Wilson's are so desperate for SEC football we will go drive to the campus and stand outside the stadium. We do have a couple of misguided children that are excited to have Auburn in the area. (Hey, I'm even routing for TROY this weekend, cause they are from Alabama) Arkansas is still trying to shake all of the years of the Southwest Conference so they are still learning the correct celebration of a football Saturday. They are still at honorable mention stage.

I have described my hero's of football Chad Jordan and the Roberts to people here and they just don't get it. Chad would begin talking about next season the minute last season ended and would begin strategizing about tickets. (Congratulations on the arrival of daughter number three!!!!) He also understands the value of seeing Spring Practice to help make it through the long drought of football from January to the fall. The Roberts, Chris and Jill, even though we may not agree with the choice of team, are on the pedestal of fandom. Jill begins preparing goodies for the ultimate in tailgate experience the day after arriving home from the last game and continues until she has to leave. Once at the location of the game, be it at home or very afar, the hospitality is incredible. She has even extended her graciousness to fans routing for the other team. Chris, her hubby, gets the logistics of the event set up. Parking spot, generator, direction of the wind, and where is the best shade. He also has the most fun at these events with kids of all ages. (I'm going on the premise of it takes one to know one.) Fond memories of great people.

Football is finally here. Hope all have a wonderful weekend. My best to the fans in and outside of the SEC. Time to play the games.

To all a happy Labor Day weekend. Please make sure you have stocked up on all of your goodies at your local Wal-Mart. (Give me A W....Give me and A)...Hope you understand.

Have a great weekend.

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