Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Entry for The Book

We keep a family book of things that the kids say. The Book is maintained for, one, entertainment and two, to help us remember the things that are said. Over the years there have been some classics. Keeping The Book also helps us to communicate the stories to other members of the family.

Dabba our youngest decided that she would like to have input on which member of the family would be putting the angel on the advent calendar. My wife's aunt, I guess making her my aunt-in-law, hand sewed a beautiful large advent calendar with pockets and hand made ornaments for each day of December.

Dabba decided that working with her Mom and providing a suggestion might help the task she would like to perform fall a little closer to home. There are four kids in the house so there is a one in four chance that Dabba would be chosen for the task.

So, The Book, entry sounded like this. "Mom, when we pick who will put the angel on the calender on the 25th who will get to do it? Mom, well we will have to see. What do you suggest?, Mom says, to the five year old. Could you please have us pick a number between one and three? Then, Mom, could you make the number be two?

Okay, there are four kids. But the message was clear. We either have a future ballot box stuffer in the house or this young lady has already learned the art of making your own luck! No pun intended.

When I heard the story I laughed myself silly. What a great way to make things in the world go your way. Thus, another entry to The Book.


A Free Man said...

That is a fantastic advent calendar!

Anonymous said...

Dabba should be the one to put the angel on Aunt Laura's Advent Wreath for the sheer moxie of figuring out the odds - PaPa and I think she has potential to become a bookie!

Rhonda said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you... I am still giggling over Dabba and her "#2 affair" Too funny.

Have a great season and hopefully things will not get to hectic for you Walt.