Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three snow days. Why can't I be a kid?

I know the jealously is not a virture. But, three snow days in a row? Going to work is hard enough each day. But, when the whole house is quiet, the covers are warm, and there is a blanket of ice and snow outside. I want a snow day. I'm a dedicated employee yet, I like being a kid.

So, off I go. Carefully making sure I don't land on my hind quarters infront of the homestead.

It was nice to hear from my kids on my cellphone. The calls were few. We have been outside playing in the snow. We just came in to have Hot Chocolate. Can you come home early to play in the snow? That one from my son made we a little squishy.

They seemed to enjoy themselves. I did get to make a snowball. They also were able to make a couple of snowmen.

Can't wait till the next time it snows.

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A Free Man said...

I used to take snow days off as well. But then I'm a slacker.