Monday, December 15, 2008

Can you say snow day?

Yep, the first snow day of the year occurred this morning. We had an idea last night that it could be a unique morning. We had thunder, lightening, and ice. It was a thunder ice storm.

The sound of the ice hitting the house sounded like someone was outside the house with a garden hose on the windows. Dabba wasn't a fan of the thunder ice.

This morning when I went outside to head to work I slid down my sidewalk to the driveway. It took 30 minutes to thaw my car so I could get in the thing. As I slid down the drive way into the street it was a little unnerving especially since I had only barely touched the accelerator.

My kids were loving the day off. My lovely wife was looking for some reinforcements later in the day.

The kids are excited, the weather doesn't look like it is getting any better soon, the schools cancelled classes for snow day number two. This happened even before bedtime!

So, snow day number two on the way!

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A Free Man said...

Snow days rock when you're a kid. Probably not so much when you're a parent.