Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Special Prayers"

The last few days have been unusual in a sad and positive way. On Friday evening a young man was killed within a few miles of our house in a motorcycle accident. We learned of a couple that had a 13 month old child pass away suddenly and two people we know had relatives pass away. Our youngest was working to understand the events that she heard being discussed in and around the house. From the mouth of babes, "Dad, all we need to do is talk to God and say some special prayers." And before she went to bed that is exactly what she did. I hope she put in a good word for me.

The positive part of the weekend is a number of friends have found out that they are expecting. They also have our thoughts and prayers. Our kids all think they are having children to provide playmates for them. Isn't great how simple life can be when you are four and seven.

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The Egel Nest said...

The circle of life...some will die and some will be born...and on it goes :)

The Egel Nest