Monday, January 7, 2008

Can you Say SEC - Congratulations LSU Tigers

SEC Baby!

Congratulations to the LSU Tigers, the SEC team in the Bowl Championship Series. Now, can we hear some props for the teams that play in the toughest conference in America?
It was a tough thing to watch Ohio State take another one in the Chops as the Big Ten representative. 38 to 24 I hope the pollsters and the BCS computers decide to remember the SEC next year.
Also, if you don't have a conference championship game your conference should start out with one tie on your record. Maybe this would keep imposters like Hawaii out of the polls.
Congratulations to the LSU Tigers and the fans!
I can't wait till next August when we get to start all over again.


Chris in Oxford said...

Here's hoping we don't have to watch the SEC beat up Ohio State again next year! Well done to the Bayou Bengals!

The Wilson Family said...

Go Ohio State!!! Ok, so I had to stir the pot. I was kinda hoping Ohio would win, but I really knew they probably wouldn't. I almost wore a LSU shirt to work that day, just to see peoples reactions because there was a lot of red that day.