Thursday, January 24, 2008

Proud Parents and Manners

Lieber and I had the opportunity to experience the joy of being parents and the recognition of the fruits of hard labor. Maybe I didn't communicate the hard labor part correctly, not the making big rocks into little rocks kind or the agony of a tough delivery. Sorry, focus!

We took the whole crew to dinner at the Olive Garden in town. This is the place the kids love. They can have all the salad they want (yes, my kids love salad and veggies), hot breadsticks, and Princess Dabba can have all of the Par Jon cheese ( her pronouncement of Parmigiana Cheese) ground onto her plate.

As we sit at dinner the kids do a fine job of saying please and thank you to the wait staff. Each orders their meal and gets to pick their drink. Doesn't sound like a big deal. Each are conversing about school, friends, topics of interest, and just being family. Lieber and I noticed the positive behavior of the crew.

This was also easy to spot because there was a poor couple in the restaurant having to but up with the Exorcist! I couldn't see the youngster because he was about 15 feet behind me. But I could hear him! We have all been there with a little one that wasn't on the top of their game or parents that didn't want to take the field of battle due to prior war wounds, but this kid was a piece of work.

Anyway, as our crew dined and talked a few glances were taken by our littlest angel who mentioned that she was being very good. I acknowledged her positive behavior and thanked her for accompanying me to dinner. This prompted a mention of nearby activities. (I could see the message in her eyes. Anyway, nothing was said to loudly!) The family with E departed and things calmed down.

As we continued to dine a nice elderly couple came up to say hello. The lady leaned toward Lieber and said, "you have well mannered children." This prompted a polite thank you ma'am. As she walked away the gentlemen comes and repeats the same message to both Lieber and me.

Now I have to tell you there are three things happening in my head:
First, the happy dance with a chest bump, is playing in the old noodle. This is the parental version of scaling Mount Everest! You know it, who's your daddy, I mean parents?

Second, Oh thank you Exorcist, you beautiful bundle of terrible toddler more like middle schooler! (I didn't say I was proud of what I was thinkin, but I was thunkin it!)
Third, please, oh! please let this sibling detente continue until we are out of sight of the general public. Then we can go back to stop touching me, she's to close to me, he called me a......

But the kindest most humble thank you came from my mouth. I do love my kids, even on days when things aren't the most peaceful! Dinner was very pleasant. I could tell even the crew did their mental version of a victory lap.

We had a wonderful time. This evening was a lot of fun. The comments were nice for all involved. It is nice when others let the crew know they were noticed.

Proud Busy Dad and Busy Mom


Chris in Oxford said...

Well done! That's got to be a good feeling - that's one of my parenting goals!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Tweetie Bird
Sweetie Pie
Haydee Boo
and Daba Do

Hugs, MiMi