Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lost in Translation

On the list of top 10 most embarrassing things one of mine happened to me in March 2007. Back in March? Why do you write about it now?

Well there is a corollary to the story that was discovered on my December vacation.

Based upon my lovely wife's girls weekend trip to New York City, in February '07, she had been introduced to a blend of French Vanilla coffee. Her cousin's coffee shop sells the exact same coffee as a fast food restaurant. Upon her return to the midlands we heard about the desirability of this beverage on a number of occasions.

On a road trip to Dallas, Texas, over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, my lovely wife tells me the story about the beverage again. So, as we pull off the highway for gas and rest rooms in rural Oklahoma, I decide I will acquire one of these drinks for me and my wife. Now, the story about where to get this french vanilla coffee substance, is relayed to me, to be sold by none other than McDonald's.

So, I pull up on my car to the order speaker. Following my request to acquire the wonderful beverage I can still hear the laughter coming from the drive-in microphone. There was even the request to repeat your order.
I I drive away I see the 3rd shift McOkies in the window looking out to see what planet I was from..imagine a french vanilla something or request such a coffee drink...from McDonalds. It was humiliating.

So, after months of having time to forget the story and go through the 12 step "I'm A Loser" process...I thought, quoting Pumba, from Lion King, I had put my behind in my past." Oh! Contrair!

In a nice location in Brooklyn Heights, New York, my past comes back. Lieber begins to discuss the Oklahoma incident about the beverage with her cousin. There is laughter. I start the chant about I am not a loser, I see a mental picture of the McOkies, then I hear the following. "Oh, maybe the french vanilla coffee really comes from Burger King! Oops! Being back at step 5 of the process is okay. I snapped back quickly. How in the world do you mix up those two locations. Maybe there was something lost in translation. Anyway, I haven't gone to see if the beverage exists. Just can't do it!

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Rhonda said...

Who said.. "that information would have been nice to have back then...?"

So, now you can drive right up to that BK window and order like the WINNER that you ARE!!!!

Who needs laughing teen agers from McD's anyway?