Thursday, January 24, 2008

Promotion cuts into Blogging

My fellow bloggers I am officially about to mix happiness and wine. I mean whine. Yep, my employer in its infinite wisdom has seen fit to promote me. You know, bigger title in lieu of salary, well not really, but, there is some duckets that accompany the larger title and more responsibility. That is the happiness part.

Now the whine! This new gig is cutting into my blogging time! Let's get our priorities straight.

Since my employer actually expects me to have some level of competence in the job, even after just over a week, at the new role they are expecting some return on their investment. How is it that I keep getting promoted into jobs. I want to be promoted into a position. You all know the type of role I am talking about; where there is lots of entertaining, golfing, trips to cool places, over sized paychecks and overstuffed offices, that is on the days the jet can get me there. (My dream!)

Okay, okay, you see all work and study has made Busy Dad really mumble.
I'll stop the whining. The new job really has been fun, exciting, challenging, and a nice change of pace.

So, no more whining. I'll get my posting groove back. I have to live up to the expectations of my blog coaches, The Egle's Nest, Nap Warden, Chris in Oxford, Because Mom Said so and all the others who fueled the fire to blog with comments. Your indulgence is appreciated.


Chris in Oxford said...

I think it's understandable if real life gets in the way of blogging - occasionally...

Rhonda said...

I am flattered.

We will celebrate this summer, should you take the trip back up to Yankee country.