Sunday, January 6, 2008

Steelers season blows up on 3rd & 7

With just 3 minutes in change on the clock the Pittsburgh Steelers had a one point lead, they had momentum, and they had the ball. All it would take would be one maybe two first downs to run out the clock and survive to play another day. Not that the play up to the end had been spectacular but it was enough to survive. Then the offense went brain dead.

On 3rd and seven, Steeler's Offensive Coordinator, Bruce Arains, must have had a brain cramp. Just get the first down, cause the Jaqs to use up their time outs, get another first down and the game would be Pittsburgh's.

The Steelers run "The Slowest Mammal" play. This can be the name of the caption under the picture describing the play. Needing 7 yards, mind you, 21 feet, of football field to a first down, the ball is snapped to Ben Roethisburger to run! He heads left with the speed of the tortoise. Give Mr. Arians, credit, on paper, with a movable Quarterback this might be a possible solution. Something broke down. The left tackle decides he is blocking for a QB that can be timed in the 40 yard dash with a stopwatch not a calendar. Ben, looking like the number of letters on his jersey are causing him to run in slow motion heads to the left. His tackle decides to run past two Jaguars who put the Steeler's QB on his can. The clock is stopped and the rest, as they say, is history.

Mr Arians, please go find that page in the playbook and remove it unless you find someone in the back field with greater foot speed than a three toed sloth. Being an Alabama fan I have seen your play calling before. I somewhat recognized that play that I believe ended with a similar result in Bama. But, no. He couldn't have gone back to the same bag of tricks?

Let's get rid of the play, 3rd down and seven, Run the slowest Mammal on the field.

Rant over. Steelers go home until next fall. Oh! so sad.

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