Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Book - I'm So Tired my eyes flickered

The last three nights me and the crew have been participating in after work fishing. It is a great family event. The calling at work starts on the cell phone asking me how the day has been followed by, Dad, what do we have planned this evening? Then it advances to calls about have you left yet? I have enjoyed the events. Lots of fun.
Once I get home we quickly grab the fishing poles, worms, the fishing box and head for the local pond. We will then fish until dark. All four kids are out fishing together, with me and sometimes my lovely spouse.

This evening there were a number of fish caught. Just as we are about to head home there is a flurry of activity, my son hollers. DAD, I've got a huge fish....with the sound of excitement and a little fear. The pole in his hand was about bent in half. The other kids are beginning to gather. Keep reeling I'm am hollering, keep the tip of the rod up. His sister is trying to help him lift the thing and get it where we can see it. Oh! No, I have caught a turtle, the young man announces! (This causes some concern, the girls love turtles and don't want to harm any, catching it on a fishing pole oh, my!) Relief, the fish breaks the top of the water. We land a monster bass, at least a couple of pounds. I know, this is a fish tale. Especially since it was dark and we don’t have a good picture. However, my son landed the biggest fish. (Pride welling up in my chest, that's my boy!)
All of a sudden the eldest young lady says, hey, DAD, I’ve got a fish. Okay, this is fun. I haven’t even unhooked the monster bass that my son caught. Then the kids are over trying to help the landing of fish two which was a close second in size. Unbelievable. What great fun. We try to take cell phone pictures while we are returning our prize fish to the lake. Great fishing, lots of fun, great activity, we are outside with worms, and bugs, and fish and fresh air. This is a Mutual of Omaha moment.
As all this activity is taking place I notice it is getting to be significantly darker by the minute. When a voice, of our youngest calls out. Hey, dad, I’m ready to go home. I’m so tired that my eyes are flickering. (All the kids together said, aaaahhhhhh!) As I am unhooking the second fish a small head is leaned against my leg. Dad, we really need to go.

So, home we go, fish stories in hand, a new entry for The Book, and plans already started for the next evening of family fishing.


Anonymous said...

What a great family time! I'm looking forward to the long nights of summer. As it is now, it's dark when I get home from work!

They certainly did get some whoppers! ;)

Jenmomof4 said...

The fish was how big????

I think their hands get further and further apart as they tell the story!!