Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now that's a fan and the Parent Voice!

Last week I had the opportunity to take two of my kids and two kids of some Alabama friends to a concert. It was Lifehouse and Taylor Swift playing together. It was a fun concert. I recognized some of the music from the radio and my kids I-Pods, MP3's, Zen players and shoe phones. We had a great time.

We had great seats for the event. And the venue was nice. Once the bands started no one wanted to sit in the chairs that had been provided. (Yep, showing my age again, huh?)

One young man, pictured below, had the opportunity to meet Taylor Swift before the concert. Well you know how some people when they get around celebrities will make the story sound better than it really is. This kid didn't. He had the proof.

Taylor Swift signed his head! I mean right on the forehead where everyone can see.

His dad even had pictures of the event taking place. Being a guy, even an olde one, I thought, dude, way cool!

This kid is a genius. He solved the number or the autograph washing off when he eats, drinks, goes to the little boys room and does the washing thing. He doesn't have to worry about getting it on his clothes or rubbing off on his pants. Shear genius.

This kid should be president! (Why not?)

It was right in the middle of his miniature hero worship session that the parenting voice kicked in. I don't know where it came from, or why. All of a sudden I noticed that all of the people that though this was cool were the males of our species. I then noticed that the proud father, showing pictures of the event, with a really cool camera, was only accompanied by a daughter who was not as interested in the outcome of the celebrity meeting. My initial thought, she is just not getting it because, you know, she is a girl! Then the parent voice got louder. The young hero is going to get killed when he walks in the door! I went from coolness to down right afraid for this former hero's development! His Mom is going to have a Code Brown! You know, first she is going to say it, then she is going to do it. How could this have happened? Instantly, I became worried if the Sharpie marker would come off his head without removing to much skin. I was also thinking of the comments the proud father was about to receive over this lapse in judgement. The parent voice. It had me. Then parent voice made me turn around and check on all of my kids. All okay. Nothing that would get me in the dawg house. Phew!

Back to the concert. I had a great time and learned that you don't have to have paper anymore in this digital age to get an autograph. My spouse is also concerned that with all of the youngins we have I will use the new method of communication for my next shopping list! On the kids silly, not me. How would I read it!


John Esberg said...

Well, I must say a sharpie to the forehead would be quite amusing for anyone!

Chris in Happy Valley said...

I wonder how long that kid's autograph will last. At least he doesn't have to go to work with it in the morning!

Sounds like a good time.

Jenmomof4 said...

Thanks for taking the crew to the concert. YOu are a brave person to take four children to a Taylor Swift concert!!

Did you want to raise a lighter in the air and say "Free Bird"!!