Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Digital Self Portraits - Kid Style

We have a number of expressionist artists in our house. For some reason the miniature people in my home have become graffiti artists. If you put down a pad of paper and leave it when you return you will have names, doodles, and signatures of the one who passed by. This is the same phenomena with the digital camera.

Thank goodness for digital because you can save them without spending a fortune on development. It also makes it easy to hang onto the little tidbits of electronic blackmail, I mean history. Upon preparation for graduation from high school a few of these may reappear.

Just as the valedictorian at College is to give her speech a couple of these beauties may flash on the screen.

There are even a couple for the Supreme Court Confirmation hearings that may arrive in the packet. I'm sure by the time these events happen the pictures taken today will be equivalent to black and white photos the 1900's.
So, get a digital camera and watch the creativity. It is very entertaining and you never know quite what you will find.

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Jenmomof4 said...

Give a kid a camera and see what happens..or better yet leave it laying around and see what shows up on it!!