Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tour De France 2008 - July 5 to July 25, 2008

Let the biking begin. Starting on July 5, the 2008 version of the Tour de France will begin running over the streets, highways, and cobblestones of France. Teams and rides from all over the world will be competing for the honor of the yellow jersey. will be hosting reports each night from the venues all over France. The schedule will be live update coverage early in the day, twice daily coverage of the racing, and then a primetime coverage of the days events.

This should be an interesting year.

Here are some of the words you will hear during bike racing. Here is my translation on the meaning.

domestiques” - This is a French bicycle term for goofer. Or the other duties as assigned.

The Peloton - This is the term used for the posse or the pack of guys riding a bike.

The color of the jersey - yellow, green, white, and polka dot, each has a different meaning and the racers have a different goal in the race. The first time you watch the Tour it takes time to figure out what each racer is doing and which purpose they performing for their team.

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mayo1 said...

Does the Tour de France go through the Loire Valley at all? The biking is amazing, especially when you come home to a 900 year old castle at the end of the day! We just got back. Here are the pix: