Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Causing a Halmark Holiday

My fellow bloggers. Please allow me to apologize. Being new to the process of blogging, a rookie, I was following links, learning from other sites, and visiting the heck out of blogs. Having a big time. My spouse, Mine Lieber, being smarter than I, and a real blogger, asked if I had left comments. What? My first dilemma was how am I supposed to answer this question. Second, who am I, a rookie blogger, to comment on/about the work, thoughts, and creativity of others? How was I to know not leaving comments is called Lurking?

Not being the sharpest tool in the shed I could tell by the name this was not a positive descriptor. Yet, I was in the dark. Then of all days, Lieber, informs me this is a blogging social dysfunction. Oh! Great. It usually takes me a number of interactions with people to hose up the relationship or make some kind of poorly timed comment.

Then I felt a little piling on from a couple of my fellow bloggers, postings begin to appear with National De-Lurking Day. Oh! Great. I've caused a new Hallmark holiday! Lieber explains that this takes place a couple of times per year. And although I believe the world revolves around me this is just a case of bad timing. Phew!

Lieber being a responsible blogger, enforced my time in the penalty box for Lurking. I lost my computer privileges for a short time to Princess Dabba, was forced to match socks and given two school fund raising requests to review. Enough already! Step one achieved. Step Two, Hi! I’m Busy Dad Mumbles and I have lurked. It has been one day since I last visited without commenting.

Learning and recovery all at the same time.


The Egel Nest said...

You may lurk at the Nest anytime...I like to comment just to let people know I have visited :)

But I frequently lurk for a while, then comment :)

You'll get the hang of this blogging thing eventually! ( I like your writing style, and enjoy your content very much...

The Egel Nest

Beverly said...

I also enjoyed your writing style. I have also been guilty of lurking. I did not know it was considered rude - or creepy (as the name implies).

I try to leave comments just to encourage the blogger to keep blogging, and to show that I read their post.

Keep it up!

Bradley's Mom said...

I don't think lurking is a bad thing at all!!!

Sometimes it's just interesting and fun to see what people have to say, but you don't really feel like commenting. Nothing wrong with that at all!!

I enjoy your blog! Keep it coming!!


lv2scpbk said...

Thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment about Woody.