Friday, October 19, 2007

Political Rant

What in the World are they doing in Washington? My fellow Americans, it is time to clean House and Senate! This is like a week of watching another planet.

We have Senators that are being investigated by the FBI, there is another who can’t decided whether he did it or not, and we have a third who is under investigation. The Senate Ethics Committee goes so slow it moves backwards.

The House is not Legislating. Executive isn’t getting it done and the Judicial, that system is broken. It is like a Constitutional three stooges. Each time one of the talking heads that represents one of the bodies of government speaks I can almost Larry, Moe and Curly, poking each other in the eye, smacking each other on the head or just messing up another fine situation. (Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk)

To recap, this group hasn’t decided on its operating budget, they have decided to tell other countries that what happened in their past was genocide, and they faced off over a program for children’s health care that hasn’t been budgeted for and at this rate it will expire in a couple of weeks.

The worst part of this is watching the cast of characters that wants to run the Executive Branch in the up coming election. It is like picking the last kids for dodge ball when you were a kid. If they were good it would be easy. We are actually trying to figure out who can do the least amount of damage.

We need to develop a coalition form of government. Either, Or just isn’t a choice. Maybe Richard Pryor’s Movie Brewster’s Millions developed the best option – Vote! None of the Above!

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Chris in Oxford said...

I sense a little frustration ;)

I think your Three Stooges analogy is right on. I'm a pretty die-hard Democrat, but I have lost all respect for Congress after having great hope for them when the Dems took over. They just can't pass any real laws. The other two branches I've lost any real hope for. One of the many reasons I'm an expatriate.