Monday, October 8, 2007

Where Was I when You and Mommy Got Married?

How about this question from Princess Dabba? Our youngest who just turned four was listening to a conversation about an upcoming anniversary. On November 9th, Lieber and I will be celebrating our sixteenth wedding anniversary. As we discussed the event, all of a sudden from the mouth of babes,” Where was I when you and Mommy got married the other day?
In the world of the Princess, at this point of her development, everything is yesterday and tomorrow. She remembers events and people from long ago with the clarity that at times scares me she is so accurate.
So there is a pause as I try to develop an answer. I get bailed out of the answer by our twelve year old Queen of Chocolate who says, silly, you were in Mommy’s tummy with the rest of us.
I about bit a hole in my lip trying to get out of the room. The resulting conversation saved me from a modified version of the birds and bees. Where is Dr. Seuss when I need him?


The Egel Nest said...


I can't wait for that question...or can I???

"You were not in a were not at the zoo..."


The Egel Nest

green3 said...

Came over here from your wife's blog, which I read regularly. The best thing about your blog was the tailgating link...I'd write more on my comment but I have to go figure out what I need to bring to this weekend's ISU-Texas game. Welcome to the blog world!

Dan said...

Well technically that's a correct answer, as the egg cell exists in the ovary since birth.

(I think, it's been a long time since biology lessons)

Domestic Goddess said...

I remember reading a book when I was little with a title something like "You were once as tiny as a dot".

Love the Seuss!

Here from your wife's blog. Welcome!