Sunday, October 28, 2007

Writing Down the things kids say!

Our family has “The Book”. Not to be confused with the Good Book. This version of The Book contains those precious verbal moments. As the kids are growing up they say the darndest things. Start writing them down in a safe secure place. The challenge as the kids get older and we, the parents, want to discuss (bring up) the tidbits or repeat them in front of friends and family, the parental perk of non violent punishment, memory does not always serve the purpose. So, begin to write it down today.

We have developed a family keeper of the book. This is our Mimi. My wife’s mother started writing down the verbal tidbits years ago. When she had to evacuate due to multiple hurricanes, The Book, was always one of the first items that was loaded into the vehicle. Start your version of “The Book” today.

Kids will want you to be able to share the things they did as they grow up. Parents you will need proof because the little people that can’t remember to make a bed, clean a room, or do their chores will have perfect clarity in thought and mind of what took place on any given event. They will also have the legal precedence that overturns your memory of the situation. Maybe “The Book” is what the teachers were telling me about when they said, “This will be on your permanent record.”

I am going to start a separate section of the Busy Dad Mumbles Blog that captures some of those verbal gifts under “The Book.” I hope you enjoy as much as I did, do, and will.


Nap Warden said...

What a great idea! I will start a book for the Nap Warden clan!

Rhonda said...

My mom recently gave me a notebook with all those fun and silly things that I said all through grade school. It is so hilarious. I think the best part is to read things that my own kids also say. I love the book and open it from time to time for a good laugh.