Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Act of Kindness - Passing it Forward

My fellow citizens of the Web. It is time to put basic decency back on display. There is an insurance company advertisement on T.V that shows people helping each other. One person keeps a pizza delivery person from walking into on coming traffic. A lady keeps the kids ball from rolling into the street. My point is we have reached the point where it is time to play well with others.

Heading home last night I saw a young man hauling a gas can walking up the road in the dark and cold. Well, the Boy Scout in me couldn’t stand it. I turned around and headed back on the highway. I identified myself, told him where I worked, and then asked if I could give him a ride. The look on his face told the whole story. He said, well, sure! He loaded the full gas can into the back of my car. I asked him how far we need to go. When he indicated five miles I couldn’t believe it. Long story short I gave him a ride, waited to make sure his car started. The young man was thrilled.

The young man asked if he could pay me or help me out. (Are you kidding?) All I asked was that he passes forward the kindness to someone else who needed assistance.

The tough part of the story was that the young man had to walk the five plus miles to the gas station because no one would give him a ride. I understand we need to be safe but can’t we help a fellow human being out????

What can you do to play well with others, pass on a kindness? What is your story?

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Chris in Oxford said...

Well done. I think people are afraid to help strangers out these days, but my experience with random acts of kindness have always been good ones. These little things make us feel great as well as those we help. Nice sentiment for the weekend.

The Egel Nest said...

I firmly believe in paying it forward...I help strangers all the time...

In the Jewish tradition, the concept of Tzedakah, or charity, is a main tenant of the religion. And the highest form of Tzedakeh is giving to someone who does not know that you gave it to them.

In other words...if I donate clothes for a homeless person...I don't know who will receive them...when the person receives them, they don't know who it came from...but the DEED itself...that is the highest level of Tzedakah :)

The Egel Nest

ancient one said...

A couple of times I've picked up people I don't know and given them a ride. Later, family and friends tell me how foolish that was. I don't stop unless I have "this feeling".. Like a little poke from GOD saying you know you should do this. Dangerous, but so far, rewarding.

Most of my RAK's are small. Like shopping at this place that you have to put a quarter in the slot to get the grocery cart. If there is someone outside needing a cart when I'm through, I just give them the cart and tell them to keep their quarter.

People don't know how to react when I do this. They try to insist on giving me the quarter. One man this week said if you don't take this quarter, I'm going to throw it at you. I didn't and he didn't...LOL

So if someone is trying to do you a kindness, just say Thank You!