Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sonic is putting Whoppers in Milkshakes!

Marketing people of Sonic Drive In have a problem! Example here is the discussion in our car the other night while waiting at an intersection for the light to change. Lieber says to the crew, “Did you see Sonic Drive In’s are putting Whoppers in their Chocolate Shakes. (This is the sign Lieber is referencing in her announcement is second from the left.)
Within seconds from the back seat, the 9 year old, Boodles of Baking announces from the back of the vehicle. “That is Naaaaaassssssstttttty, why would you ever put Whoppers in your Milkshake. (Here is what Boodles is talking about.)
For a moment the comment hangs in the air. Lieber means Whoppers, malted milk balls candy, Boodles is things about the product that comes from Burger King. The laughter as everyone figures out what is said absolutely cracks up the whole car. By the reaction I do not believe that Boodles will ever try the mixture. First impressions go a long way.


Rhonda said...

Now that, is what you might call a gap in the generation! Haha, that is too cute.

mom huebert said...

Oh that's funny! My first thought was whopper=burger, too. I'd forgotten about the whopper=candy. Duh!