Sunday, October 14, 2007

Saturday Update – October 13, 2007

Roasted Pig – I hope. We received some good news on Friday. Lieber was able to secure tickets to the Arkansas vs. Auburn Football game in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We will be able to meet up with an old friend that has moved to Texas. Paul is coming back to the area to attend the game. Huge, Auburn Fan. Doesn’t beat out the Roberts or The Queen of Chocolate but he is getting up there on the fan-atic scale. We are going to tailgate and attend the game. Queen of Chocolate is looking to see the Auburn Band members so she can get the sheet music for trombone to be able to play the Auburn fight song. She already sings the fight song. Now she wants to be able to play it.

Purple Dragons – One beat down and one win this week. Last Tuesday night the young warriors had pictures before the game. Since pictures were 90 minutes before the game there was lots of time to practice before the game. Ooops! The warriors were a little tired once it was game time. The other team went by us like we were standing still. In a couple of places we were actually standing still. The other team had a very talented player. He seemed to do everything. Once I pointed this out to the other coaches on that team and reminded them of the everyone plays every position rule the scoring stopped. But not until after the damage had been done. I was not a happy camper. (I don’t like to loose at anything.) Breathing deeply only works until your about to hyperventilate. I tried the are we having fun with the warriors in the huddle, young Kyler looked at me and said, “Coach, are you kidding?” We smiled at each other and finished the game.

Thursday night was a very different game. Our gang was playing great. Logan ran the ball well. He was an inspired runner. Coach B was very excited. The offense ran some long plays and we threw the ball. Our guys did a great job. Mr. Lincoln was running so fast he as knocked out of his shoe and had his hand stepped on when he rolled across the ground. We attend to the bumped up Warrior. Pulling out his mouth piece so he could talk we listened to his report of what happened. We asked him to sit out a couple of plays after we put his shoe back on him. As young Lincoln runs back in to play he asks for his mouthpiece. “Coach Wilson, you have it!” I begin patting down my pockets. He dashes back to the sidelines wondering where is my mouthpiece? Coach B finds it in his jacket pocket. Lincoln runs out pushes in the mouth piece takes his spot just as the other team snaps the ball. We were all laughing so hard about finding the mouthpiece we almost missed the next play. Minister of Plain was the Quarterback on a touchdown. He also was thrown a pass near the end of the game in the corner of the end zone. The game went well. Three more games to go.

Marching, marching, marching
The Queen of Chocolate and the Minister of Plain marched in the Homecoming parade for our resident home town. Queen as a member of the band and Minister in his football jersey moved down Main Street on Friday afternoon. Queen marches today in the local University Homecoming parade. We are then headed out to the pig roast.

P.S. Should have sent this out earlier on Saturday. At 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning the urgency of the update just wasn’t there. My apologies to the loyal readers for not actually updating on Saturday.

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