Sunday, October 14, 2007

There Ain’t Nothing Like it No Where

With apologies to the Marketing people at Dreamland Ribs, Southeastern Conference Football, There Ain’t Nothing Like it No Where. Watching on Television is one way to enjoy, but for those who haven’t been to a game, check the calendars, pack the vehicle and get your game on! By the way these are Pork ribs we will be enjoying today! Um, fresh Hog! The whole Wilson crew attended the Auburn versus Arkansas game in Fayetteville, Arkansas, yesterday. What a great experience!

By arriving early we found Tiger Walk. This is the Auburn tradition of a pep rally as the players walk into the stadium. The Minister and Queen were in heaven. So were the rest of us. We were among Alabama people. This is the highest privilege. We talked to people who understand sweet tea, the location of Anniston, and they don’t wrinkle there nose when referred to as ma'am or sir. Princes Dabba and Boodles, (a die hard, Alabama fan), got caught up in the excitement of the events. We met some great people and experienced their generosity first hand.
Queen did find the Auburn band, it came to her! The pep band with about 45 people in it walks up to support the Tiger Walk. Queen and I walk over to meet the trombone players and see if she can make a connection on the Auburn fight song music. Bingo! These folks are wonderful. They are very excited that there is a person at the game interested in their skill and to know that Queen loves the school made it better. After a short conversation, e-mail addresses are exchanged, high fives, and music for a part are in the hands of the Queen, more to follow by e-mail. My thanks to the Auburn Band members for encouraging the continued development of the Queen’s music skill. (This even made this Grinch’s Crimson Heart grow just a little softer or more orange!)

The day was beautiful, warm, clear, and breezy. The game didn’t start until 6:45 p.m. The Minister of Plain pointed out this was very close to his bed time as we walked to the game. Princess Dabba was a trooper. She walked, she “War Eagled”, (for non-Auburn people, this is the beginning of every interaction even the casual, if the shirt looks orange and/or blue, so sling it out there, if the appropriate return response is given, that is “War Eagle” you have found an instant friend.), she played, she sang, and she shook the heck out of some pom poms. Being four finally caught up with the little princess while sitting in my lap with 11:28 to go in the fourth quarter. (Pictures to follow) The sound o meter at the stadium was rocking and she was snooooozing. Didn’t move a muscle. Then just as Auburn wins the game. She arises from her nap for the post game festivities, waving at Aubie, seeing the band, and the walking back to the car.

Remember Minister's comment about the late hour of the game? As two F-18 fighter jets pass overhead at the start of the game he quickly became unconcerned with the time. He and I were seated together to start the game. We had guy time! Talking about the hits, reviewing offensive and defensive formations, and he pointed out the skill of the cheerleaders, he liked the jumbo TV above the scoreboard. There were questions about hooking up X-box to something that large. I couldn’t tell if the cheerleaders or the television was getting more attention. At the end of the game a very amped up excited young man says this is the best day of my whole life. Now, it doesn’t get any better than that! (The Crimson Grinch’s Heart stretched yet again!)

Boodles during the game moved with the Queen down to sit with me and Minister. Lieber and Princess initially were 8 rows up behind us. Arkansas has a strange Public Address announcer…After the team covers ten yards. He says, “That play covered X yards, that is enough for an Arkansas Razorback…” And 68,000 people scream back, “First Down”. Boodles begins to laugh hysterically. There seems to be a message in the tone of the delivery of the crowd, it had to be subliminal in nature since it didn’t happen a lot. Boodles, being the person who is all about fair play and good sportsmanship, except when siblings are involved, asks as Auburn gets a first down why didn’t the announcer make the same comment for Auburn? Quickly, she knew the answer! So, a little fun was had. As Arkansas would get to the end of a series of downs the Auburn fans, about 4,000 of them would response with, “That play didn’t cover the X yards needed, so we have an Arkansas Razorback, and Boodles sings loudly, “fourth down.” The grin on her face, made the stadium light up for me. Back to the fair play, Boodles, (now carrying enough Auburn shakers to sink a ship), as we leave the stadium is telling Arkansas fans, “Nice game”! I wish I would have had a camera to capture the reaction of the vanquished. A number of people smiled. One man, who was sharing his explicative filled opinion with the world, had nothing to say. He smiled and nodded! (We are back at the Grinch’s heart again!)

Leiber and I loaded the crew in the vehicle and patiently waited to leave. All change into snoozing gear. There was discussion about the game, phone calls to friends and family, Observations about the departing crowd, the process of leaving, and the day, were made by all. Eventually, Lieber and I were the only occupants of the vehicle able to withstand the ride home. A great day was had by all. (We began discussing attending the Alabama vs. Auburn game on the weekend of Thanksgiving, in Auburn, Alabama in November. (The Grinch’s heart leapt with Crimson hope!) Liber drove the last 15 minutes of the trip home.


WorksForMom said...

Wow, what fun. I couldn't agree more. The only thing better than a fall football game with the fam is the tailgating before and afterwards. : )

Chris in Oxford said...

Man, now you've got me homesick! There is nothing like SEC football. It's been a few years since I've been to a game and never in Fayetteville. But, if its anything like Athens or Gainesville... Sounds like y'all had a great time and looks like it was a hell of a game.

I'm with you on USF - I love to see the dark horses win. Although I would hate to see another team from Florida win a national championship!

The Egel Nest said...

I have a friend who lives and dies with Auburn...when they play Alabama each year, he goes into zombie mode until the game ends.

Sound like a great time... :)

The Egel Nest

Tammy said...

I love the comment that you left on my blog! Now if I can only get my husband to try harder. LOL!!!!