Friday, October 12, 2007

Invite Yourself to Dinner Night.

That is what I said. This game we invented with good friends while living in Anniston, Alabama. There are rules. There must be a call a number of hours in advance. Due to the limited notice you will have whatever is being served that evening. Portions maybe smaller or cause a level of meal creativity not previously seen. House cleaning is not to be done other than picking up drawers or basic straightening. The invitee can bring whatever is needed or can assist in the effort.

Challenges come with school night sessions and during sports seasons. This is a wonderful opportunity to have friendship, laughs, and downtime with your friends.

The dads cooked on these nights, also, no free pass. Let me see some of my specials on those nights were Chicken ala Colonel, Pepperonis on a Round Dough from Dom Inos. There were also health meals. No one ever went hungry or thirsty, especially thirsty.

Explain the rules. Then reach out and call your friends. This way it gives you that chance to hear from them.

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Chris in Oxford said...

What a great idea! Particularly the part about no house cleaning! My partner Sinead goes crazy cleaning before anyone comes into the house - even if its a salesman or something.