Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Purple Dragons Wrap Up the Season

This evening was it. The finale to the season. The young men of the Purple played a heck of a game. The last game of the flag football season was played out on the eve of Halloween.

With a crisp cool breeze the Purple Dragons took to the field under the Lights of the Sports Complex. They were very excited about playing and discussing what each was planning to dress as for Halloween. You know, you have to get the business stuff out of the way before the game.

From what I hear the first half went very well. An extended business meeting kept me away from my appointed job as defensive coordinator for much of the game. However, I made it in time to see my son run the ball. Check out the running legs! And I got to see a funny play.

On 3rd down and a long way to first down the speedy Mr. Kyler is given the ball. He runs a sweep to the left in the backfield. He sees an opening and tears down the field. About 30 yards down field he is beginning to loose the other team. Then all of a sudden a very blond, pint size three year old who has been playing on the field realizes he is now part of the game. His mom arrives after the other kids ran carefully by. There were no penalties for extra players. It was great we actually saw the Missouri version of the 12th Man, well 11 1/4 since he was kind of young.

A great time was had by all. Go Purple Dragons. Till next year! On to Basketball season.

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