Saturday, October 27, 2007

Introducing Americans to America

At lunch we were discussing what part of the country people are from. Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia. A team member said, “I am from Brooklyn, New York.” The “southern” team members said, “Oh! A Yankee!

To which the New York Team member replied, “No a Mets fan!”

Now the correct adjective was not included in the sentence. However, this was initially overlooked since the Yankee didn’t even know she was a Yankee.

The laughter at the table was well received followed by confusion. A short history lesson, explanation of the Mason/Dixon Line followed, the description of the correct southern adjective of "Damn" was explained, and then more talk about the regional differences of the United States.

Granted, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. My knowledge of Literature fails me on Trivial Pursuit. But, sometimes I am shocked at the lack of knowledge of our own social make up and historical context.

It was a fun lunch.

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Rhonda said...

In all fairness to the "Yankee", she has no idea, because out here, ONLY are you a YANKEE if you are from New England. Not from New York, as they are known as "New Yorkers"! Not to mention that Connecticut citizens are "Yankees" and I have been firmly corrected so many times, that I just gave up on the historical correctness.

My Arizona roots would manifest as a "South-westerner" or an "Arizonan". When I lived in Colorado, I was a "Coloradoan". Now, in Connecticut, you are a "Yankee" or a "Nutmegger"! (I'll save that for another time?)

However, only in the good state of
Connecticut do you find people so opposed to being considered an "Easterner"! Go figure.

ha. Sorry about such a long comment here. Yikes.