Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spider Paratroopers

Last night on the way home I had the opportunity to see in person the live version of the ending to Charlotte’s Web. The new young spiders were floating through the air beneath their silk parachutes. It was really an interesting sight and I wished I had a real camera with me not my TREO or cell phone that can get this picture.

I was so excited about observing nature that I had to take a more active part. I decided to stop and watch the event. Trying to multitask I decide to pump gas into my car. I whip in, jump out. Looking into the setting sun I am watching the flying spider paratroopers.

Then in a moment, what have I done? I begin to realize, yes. These are flying spiders. I determine the direction of the wind and make sure I keep the car between me and the arachnids that are flying through the air. A millisecond later something touches my ear. No kidding. The hair on my arms begins to stick up. I push my neck lower in my collar. My mind is racing. What kid of spiders fly? Charlottes’ Web was a book and a cartoon movie.

All of a sudden my car has plenty of fuel. I fumble for the gas cap. Put the nozzle back in the pump. Moving rapidly toward my open driver’s side door, where are my keys? Who participates in nature anyway? Didn’t bad stuff happen to the guys on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom? I know things turned out poorly for the Crock Guy. Then something touches my ear, again. There are mini paratroopers executing Operation Overlord, the World War Two invasion of Normandy in my car. As the silk touches my ear yet again I begin to wonder about the location of the trooper who had been hanging from that chute. My arms are racing around my head. Calmly I pull away from the pump and decide maybe let’s leave the nature watching to the professionals.


The Egel Nest said...

You know...sometimes things like this look far better behind the protective glass of an automobile...

If you come across a neat looking Tornado...THEN you should exit your car...

Flying insects though...stay in car :)

The Egel Nest

WorksForMom said...

Oh isn't that hilarious. At least you knew when to get back IN the car! :)

Chris in Oxford said...

I hate it when truth turns out to be much messier than fiction!

Thanks for your comments and adding me to your blog roll - I've reciprocated.

Good look with Ole Miss this weekend!